Building your own business can be challenging,

doing it alone is even more difficult. 

Don't Do Business Alone is a business coaching and consulting firm empowering business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs worldwide. The firm is a full-service business coaching resource and is engaged in all aspects of general and world class business practices. 

We provide one-on-one and group coaching session
in-person and via Zoom. 

DDBA has a history of serving a wide variety of for profit and non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. We believe that every business is unique. The problems and issues that require corrective action to produce a desired result are best resolved with custom designed methods, systems and controls. DDBA provides you access to an extensive, highly experienced group of professionals and entrepreneurs that specialize in serving small and medium-size businesses. The broad based business experience of our talented team provides our clients with a roadmap for growth, profitability and success. 

In a coaching industry that focuses on motivation, Don't Do Business Alone is focused on training business owners in the nuts and bolts of growing your own business. Our programs are designed exclusively for those who are serious about starting a business, small business owners and entrepreneurs. We train you how to understand the business-of-the-business while teaching you systems and processes necessary for success.


We provide elite business coaching at your fingertips through our monthly membership subscription programs and Business Building Packages located on under our SERVICES page. Choose the best membership package or business building package that fits your needs and well take it from there. Once you have signed up a DDBA Relational Customer Representative will reach out to you and get your started on the road to success. Each package is carefully designed with you in mind. They are affordable to meet anyone's budget. 

If you are a serious entrepreneur and want to build a business that last a lifetime our DDBA Elite Business Apprentice Program is for you–check it out or give us a call. We're standing by to talk to you. No matter what program you choose you'll learn what it takes to build your dream business.

Our Mission 

It is our mission to help you get started down the right path of true entrepreneurship. Our experienced business coaches are focused on helping you get results. Whether it is answering that immediate challenging question or  guiding you through our proprietary Business Mastery Program. Our goal is to train business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow successful organizations while creating a lifestyle they want to live. 

Our proven coaching programs will help you adopt a “big picture” mentality by challenging you to slow-down and map out a course of action to achieve business objectives. Most importantly, we provide on-going accountability, mentorship and coaching to keep you on track to producing lasting results.


Everyone needs a coach at some point they can trust. Our Coaching Team has a deep passion and understanding of the challenges that come with being a business owner and successful entrepreneurship. But it's about more than guidance. It's about helping you clearly define the organization you want to build–Clarity. It takes an experienced entrepreneur and passionate coach that cares about you achieving success and defining opportunity.


No matter your industry–no matter your frustrations–no matter your challenges, Don't Do Business Alone is focused on one thing; providing you the education, training and mentorship you need to create the results you are looking for.


Our dedicated coaches provide the help you need, along with years of experience in growing their own businesses to answer your most challenging questions. You'll be paired with the group, coach and/or mentor that can provide you the help you need to succeed.

DDBA Programs will teach you the
proper principles to grow a thriving organization. 

We listen to our customers in order to build sustainable growth while providing the proper education business leaders need to create long-term success.  Everyday what you think will guide your actions, ultimately those actions will create your legacy.  Advising business owners how to think bigger, dream bigger and create the proper actions that build long-term success is our mission. 

David Shamieh


DAVID is a software and technology entrepreneur and real estate investor. He is best known for teaching practicable principles on how to create residual income that leads to long-term wealth and helping other entrepreneurs and small business owners to streamline their businesses for success. Shamieh was born in Ramallah and came to America seeking greater opportunities. Not long after he earned his Master's degree in the U.S., he built his own company, One Source Digital Technologies, and turned it into a multimillion-dollar company within a couple of years. "I now not only have...

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Dr. Margo Bush


MARGO is a coach, consultant, senior business analyst, professional speaker, and entrepreneur, but bottom line she loves people. She is the co-founder of Don't Do Business Alone and Don't Do Church Alone. With nearly three decades of experience, elite business mentorship and more than a few company brands her story from looking at living under a bridge with a teenager to owner her own profitable organizations is the reason she is passionate about helping leaders succeed. DDBA has helped million dollar companies grow their influence in the marketplace. “We listen to our customers in order to...

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Dr. Deborah Costello


DEBORAH had a successful career in dentistry for more than twenty years as an officer/commander with the US Public Health Service. After the untimely death of her husband, she concentrated on raising her two children while serving on several non-profits boards, helping them grow their influence in the community. Her career in dentistry played a key role in the development and success of a community clinic providing free medical and dental care to uninsured and underinsured Oklahoma residents. Deborah brings her skill of customer service and direct sales marketing to our team. As the Client...

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