Dr. Margo Bush


MARGO is a coach, consultant, senior business analyst, professional speaker, and entrepreneur, but bottom line she loves people. She is the co-founder of Don't Do Business Alone and Don't Do Church Alone. With nearly three decades of experience, elite business mentorship and more than a few company brands her story from looking at living under a bridge with a teenager to owner her own profitable organizations is the reason she is passionate about helping leaders succeed. DDBA has helped million dollar companies grow their influence in the marketplace. “We listen to our customers in order to build sustainable growth while providing the proper education business leaders need to create long-term success,” says Margo. Everyday what you think will guide your actions, ultimately those actions will create your legacy. Advising business owners how to think bigger, dream bigger and create the proper actions that build longterm results is our mission at DDBA.” Dr. Margo has started, built, managed and sold several businesses while coaching hundreds of high performers in the U.S. and overseas. She completed her Doctorate in 2015 and became a Senior Business Analyst for one of the largest small business consulting firm in North America. She has co-produced and hosted an ABC affiliate late-night business talk show, built a fully accredited online University and has created marketable brands for local and national organizations. Her passion is helping you create the lifestyle you want to live through growing the organization you are most passionate about. We advise business leaders, professionals, pastors, and entrepreneurs worldwide how move the needle in their favor to build what they are called to build. DDBA is your next step to success. We look forward to being a part of your road to success.